Fever Detection System

Fever Detection System

At Wiilcom, we thrive on providing the latest, state of the art technology. Our newest product offering fits in with our current product services. With today’s environment we felt we needed to help our clients provide their employees, customers and patients with peace of mind, knowing that high temperatures and fevers (along with possible illness) will be detected upon entry. This will allow our clients to implement their facility or location to the “new normal”. Please contact Wiilcom to learn more about how our Fever Detection System can help protect your business.

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Some of the benefits include:

  • Highly accurate - Screen temperatures at entries. (Temperature range and variances can be modified)
  • Cost effective - The minimal cost of system could possibly protect against mass infection and revenue loss
  • Easy to implement - System is designed to be installed quickly in high demand locations
  • Scalable - May be integrated into both large and small environments
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